Catholic Speaker

Considering his multidiscipline background, including Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology, his insights, are relevant around topics such as:

a) Values-driven Leadership,

b) Catholic Social Thought,

c) Marriage.

Organizational Consultant

Enrique founded Humanum Consulting   about 20 years ago in Mexico. Along with his associates, this organizational behavior consulting firm seeks to enhance organizational performance and human flourishment through training, consulting, and development.

Life and Marriage Coach

Enrique's favorite ministry for the last twenty years has been sharing his perspective, knowledge, and experience with other couples to enhance their love's full potential. 
Enrique enjoys connecting the daily-based emergent scientific discoveries with the perennial truths of the sacred scripture to understand the deep meaning of today's family challenges.


In press:

  • Los 10 enemigos del amor. (Spanish edition)

  • How to enhance transformational Leadership in Latin American leaders?

  • COVID 19 Leadership; Building agility, strategic thinking, and positive mindsets amid an unprecedented economic environment.


Coming soon